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Virginia Hurricanes dmv girls AAU basketball fastbreak layup
Virginia Hurricanes dmv aau girls basketball flag football

Based in Northern Virginia, the Virginia Hurricanes is devoted to helping young female athletes achieve their full basketball and flag football potential in a supportive and safe environment.  The Hurricanes are committed to providing girls superior instruction, solid fundamental game skills and high-level competition, while developing the character traits of confidence, self-esteem, teamwork, leadership and accountability on and off the court.

Hurricanes Basketball

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Hurricanes Flag Football

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Five-Time NFL Flag National Champions!

Our Story

Mike Rivera founded the Virginia Hurricanes in 2008 after spending several years with large AAU girls basketball programs as both a parent and coach. Mike's goal was to offer families an alternative basketball program that:

  • focuses on improving each player’s core fundamental basketball skills;

  • provides year-round opportunities for players wanting to devote extra time outside the regular spring AAU season to develop their skills;

  • emphasizes and pursues the interests and goals of the players — and does not place the interests of the club or its coaches over that of the players; and

  • never denies a player the opportunity to participate due to financial constraints.

In 2015, to help girls enhance their athleticism, Mike began offering them the opportunity to play on all-girls competitive flag football teams. Flag football is an excellent cross-training sport. Mike has built the Hurricanes into a preeminent girls flag football programs nationally.


The Hurricanes program has remained true to the vision and goals of its founder. These features continue to distinguish the Hurricanes from other programs.

Virginia Hurricanes dmv AAU girls basketball strong defense dedication

Our Philosophy

Our program seeks to promote a “family” environment — meaning that families throughout the program know each other and feel they are part of a community striving towards a common goal of providing a positive experience for their daughters.

Our coaches stress the importance of fundamentals, teamwork and having fun. Team practices are pre-planned, disciplined and organized, with a focus on skills work. We supplement our team practices with outside trainers and guest coaches. The Hurricanes strive to prepare girls to play and succeed in high school and beyond.

Virginia Hurricanes dmv girls flag football national champion

Hurricanes Flag Football

A Five-Time NFL Flag Football National Champion, the Virginia Hurricanes is a premier girls flag football program.  We prepare our players to be competitive with and victorious against the top girls flag football teams in the country.  Our program and players are well-respected in the elite level flag football community across the country for our talent and competitiveness on the field and respectful conduct on and off the field.  Our program delivers a spectrum of physical, mental, and social benefits that contribute to the personal growth and well-rounded development of our players.

Virginia Hurricanes dmv girls aau basketball fast break

Hurricanes Basketball

Our program is dedicated to developing our players' basketball fundamentals and IQ and providing

life-skill learning opportunities. 

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